Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grieving the loss of a pet

Anyone who has lost a pet knows the emotional pain associated with it. So many times grieving pet owners are overlooked by others who may not understand that loss. If you find yourself dealing with the loss of a beloved pet, here are a few things that will help deal with your loss.

How to grieve:
*Pay attention to your feelings. Understand that you may deal with physical problems as well as emotional pain. Allow yourself to feel the pain of loss.
*Be creative. Write a poem, blog about your feelings, paint a picture.
*Get moving. Strap on those walking shoes or take up Yoga. Do something physical to get the endorphins stirred up.
*Spend time with others who have lost pets.

Create a Memorial:
*Create a memorial in your own home. Place pictures of your pet, favorite toys etc. anything that helps you pay remember your pet.
*Give a donation to the ARK of Cleveland or your local humane society.
*Create a poem or piece of art that expresses your love.
*Share stories and memories with friends and family.

When should you get a new pet?
Most experts agree that you need some time to grieve the one you've lost. Pets are not easily replaced.
Sometimes volunteering can help ease the pain and deal with the grief.

If you've lost a pet, we at the ARK of Cleveland understand that pain. We have volunteer opportunities available if you're ready. Please feel free to stop by the ARK and visit with our furry friends anytime.

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